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Last updated on July 24 2020
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WFL Compliance

The owners, operators, webmasters, and contributors of We Find Lenders must stay in compliance with the United States Truth In Lending Act, and we must work diligently to avoid exposing our visitors to predatory lenders, or lenders who are not operating in compliance with the TILA of the United States.

To read the Truth In Lending Act, please visit the FTC website. You can read more about the history the TILA here on Wikipedia as well.

How We Stay In Compliance

a) we do not provide loans

b) we do not quote APR or interest rates

c) we do not make decisions on loans

d) we do not communicate with lenders regarding borrower applications, loan approvals, etc.

e) we do not negotiate or take part in the approval or denial process that borrowers undertake in pursuit of approval by lenders legally permitted to provide lending services in the United States

f) all data on the apr reports is provided by other consumers who claim to have paid a specific apr in their area of the United States and we make it clear in our apr reports page that we have no way of knowing if these consumers are providing accurate information. These APR reports are for informational purpose only and We Find Lenders in no way suggests, claims, implies, or guarantees any consumer will also procure lending with a similar apr.

g) we not promote payday loan companies or cash advance companies

h) we only promote lending institutions that abide by the laws of the United States and all States within the union

Please read our terms of service, disclaimer, apr implications, apr and fees, default implications pages to clearly understand our services, and the limitations of our service(s).

If you have ANY complaint in regards to a private lender, bank, or credit union you have recieved financial services with via our website, please direct them to the local state authorities. We have links, phone numbers, emails, and complaint forms on each one of our state pages.


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