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Updated 2018-04-14
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Lender Pool Background

As described on our home page, back in 2011 Lance Somerset took his first baby steps towards building a bad credit lender pool. Once he had 25+ lenders in his small pool he began making it available online. To do so he employed the help of a select few webmasters who utilized his lender pool on their finance related websites.

At the time of this writing Lance's pool has grown to over 500 private and institutional lenders.

Lender Criteria For Inclusion

All lenders in the pool have to pass the following criteria;

  • must be licensed to provide loans
  • must not use predatory lending tactics
  • cannot be payday loan companies

Special Data On

Currently we publish pool data on our site in five places;

  1. 5x5 City Neighborhood Volume / on each city page we provide our 5x5 loan application volume list. This is a list of the top five neighborhoods, ordered from 1 - 5. The top neighborhood on the list is where most applications originated from in the past 5 months. All of these loan applications are submitted through the WFL pool used on over 150 websites. All applicants agreed to have their credit score published anonymously to protect their privacy.
  2. 10 Most Recent Credit Scores By State / at the top of our State pages we publish the most recent credit scores reported through the WFL pool. These credit scores are averaged from the borrowers' Experian, Transunion, and Equifax scores.
  3. 5 Most Recent Debt Consolidation Loans by State / on some pages we include the last 5 debt consolidation loans approved within a given time frame. This is updated periodically and includes the interest rate each borrower says they're paying for the term.
  4. 5x5 Debt Consolidation Neighborhood Volume / on some city pages we provide the 5x5 loan pre-app volume list. This is a list of the most active neighborhoods in each city over the last five months. In other words, it's a list of the top five areas of each city that had consolidation loan requests sent from. This updated monthly.
  5. All State Personal Loan Data / for some select States we include a page showing all of the personal loan data collected from the WFL lender pool database. This includes all personal loan applications for fair and bad credit ratings, as well as all applications for debt consolidation.


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