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Last updated on July 24 2020

Commentary is for informational purposes only. See legal disclaimers

APR Reports In Your Area (?)
Enter zip and your 3 digit credit score.

We use the WFL Lender Pool data for tracking borrower and lender activities (with permission). The information we can disclose is limited by federal legal codes and the legal codes of each State.

All information is provided from our users and visitors, IF they agree to provide us with a report on their loan applications and/or approvals.

This way we can let you see the last loan approval from your area, details of which are provided by actual borrowers like yourself. Keep in mind however, that we have no way of knowing how accurate or truthful they're being. It's for informational purposes only.

How to Use APR Reporting

Fill in the two field form anywhere on our website with your three digit credit score and zip code. Then click the submit button.

This generates a unique (and private) web page just for your viewing. On your generated page you will be provided with what other borrowers paid for interest and fees on their loan(s) near your zip code.

Legal Notes On APR Reporting

APR reports generated on our website are purely for information purposes, and NOT intended to provide users and visitors with actual and accurate rates.

Furthermore, we can't include details regarding the borrower's loan agreement with their lender. We don't know if the borrower had collateral, a cosigner, or whether or not they're home owners.

We can only provide the APR each consumer CLAIMS to have paid. We have no idea if the information third parties provide in the apr reports in misleading or plainly not true.

Furthermore, for legal reasons we can't disclose the name of the lender (bank, credit union, or private lender). All data is reported by the borrowers on a volunteer basis using our loan approval questionnaires.

WeFindLenders.com endeavors to provide accurate information reported by borrowers in regards to the APR they've agreed to pay their creditors, but no guarantee or warranty of any kind is expressed or implied as to the accuracy of the information provided in the borrower's submitted questionnaires.

All APR reporting data is updated at midnight Los Angeles time, and all generated pages will be deleted.

You can come back any time to see what the new APR rates were on approved loans (as reported by the third party) in your local area. Just use the form again!

Please read our terms of service in full before using any of our online services.

Thank you for your interest in our APR reporting system.


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