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This page was updated Thursday the 20th Jan 2022

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Loans For People With Fair Credit

Is your credit score over 650? If it is, our APR and/or interest rates will be lower than people who have credit scores below the 650 FICO bar.

You can also check the lenders we list on our State and City pages as they approve loans for people with fair to good credit. Our in-house service is for people with bad credit.

Below is a list of reasons why we may be able to help you.

Lenders That Approve Fair Credit Loans

  • Apply using Fast Loan App or Smart Loan App
  • $300 - $200,000 borrowing range
  • APR ranging from 7% to legal usury limit
  • Installment loan payments / not PDL or CA
  • 500+ lenders can service people with fair credit
  • Credit score won't be hurt when applying
  • Approval based on income and not collateral
  • 24 hrs - 5 bus. days for approval and funding
  • 100% Online approval in some cases
  • Your private information is safe and secure
  • No obligation or up front fees
  • No spam for you!

Our Fair Credit Loan Approval Process

  1. Use our unique process to submit your pre-app
  2. Lenders in your area can review your request
  3. Lenders in your service area can email you
  4. Choose the best offer / rates and terms
  5. Finalize your agreement with chosen lender
  6. Lender transfers monies into your account

Fair Credit Approval Requirements

  1. Must be 18 years or older
  2. Have an active bank account
  3. Have two pieces of state/federal ID
  4. Your valid social security number
  5. Be a United States citizen
  6. A monthly net income higher than $850

What To Have Ready For Lenders
(not required for your pre-app)

  1. State and/or federal issued ID
  2. Routing #s / account & financial institution
  3. Documents proving your monthly income
  4. Your social security number

After Your Pre-App Is Submitted

  1. Your pre-app is reviewed (within 30 min)
  2. If approved (95% are) it's posted for all lenders
  3. Interested lenders email you with their offer(s)
  4. Choose the best offer for your situation
  5. Communication with lender for finalization

Past Fair Credit Borrower Testimonials

"I didn't have anywhere else to turn to. My score was just over 670 when I checked with Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. I was approved and funded in three days. I would recommend the WFL service to others." - Kristina jackson in Las Vegas NV

"My daughter and grandson had moved in with me a few months before and I got behind on rent. I couldn't get approved and my credit score was 665 at the time. Eviction was set in a week and I just needed a little help from someone. I didn't’t want my 3 year old grandson on the streets and it was starting to get cold in the fall. I applied using the WFL system and was approved in three days for enough money to get ourselves back on track. I'm glad to say I never missed a payment either!! Thank you to all the folks at WFL!" - Brittney Perez in Anchorage Alaska

"I am a single mom of 2 a 1 and 2 year old, we has recently moved to our first family home. I had not been able to get caught back up since first moving in with all the deposits, I had actually fallen very far behind so much so that my kids could not return to daycare until I had paid the outstanding balance. That being said I was a bind and I had little to no help with my children. Daycare is the only way I can support us. I was having to choose between food or a roof over our heads. I just needed some help to get back up for all of us. I was turned down by my bank and a local credit union and I felt like there was no hope. My sister told me about WeFindLenders.com so I gave it a shot. I was approved in 4 days for a loan that had an interest rate 15%. High I know but it bailed me out an now I'm paying back with monthly payments. Thanks YOU! - Dana Little in Newark NJ

"Recently I had car trouble, a tree had fallen through the roof of my home, and a medical expense all of which caused me to fall severely behind on all my bills I got approved with WFL after my second pre-app submissions and the rates weren't even bad." - Michael Burrows in Indio CA

"I needed 4000, to pay a ticket, a lawyer and to buy a car. I was just getting back onto my feet, I work, and I also own a small business. I needed reliable transportation and to get my license back. I needed to pay a ticket and clear up a failure to appear on a driving without a valid license. My neighbor who was giving me a ride to work had his transmission go out. I work in the evenings in a small town without much public transportation. I needed help. I just wanted to get to work. I got approved in 2 days and was funded in 4 days. I would recommend this service to anyone who needs a loan and they have bad credit or fair credit! Thank you again again again! - Trish in Salt Lake City Utah

"I was on disability and had taken some payday loans like a fool and got stuck with penalty fees and I really screwed up because the interest the company was charging with the fees was really getting bad. I got approved for a consolidation loan to get rid of the payday loans and my rate was WAY lower. Can't thank you enough." - Gene Lopez in Phoenix Arizona

These testimonials are typical and we will be adding many more to this page on fair credit loans in the future.

Fair Credit Loan Application Form

You can apply here using our Standard Loan App method if you don't want to read about the usury laws in your State regarding APR, interest, and fees. However we encourage you to use the Fast Loan App method.

Standard Loan Pre-App
Accessing Fair Credit Lender Pool

Learn about GAP (Gift Angel Program)

Quick Tip For Thursday the 20th Jan 2022

"If you have a job that pays tips use the tips as savings only. Try and live off of your base salary (if you have one) only, and then save every last dime in commission or tips." - This money management tip was provided by Lance Somerset

Loan Calculator For Fair Credit Loan

Each lender's fee structure is different but this loan calculator will give you the basic idea of what you will be looking at in regards to how much you pay in interest, your monthly payment, and the total monies paid back to the lender.

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