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This page was updated Thursday the 20th Jan 2022

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Loans For People With Bad Credit

Having trouble getting approved? If you have a poor credit rating and a FICO score below 650 it's very hard to find lenders who will do business with you, AND charge a reasonable interest rate. We know. We've done the research.

This is where we come in. Here is a short list of reasons why we can help you.

Lenders Who Approve Bad Credit Loans

  • Apply using Fast Loan App or Smart Loan App
  • $300 - $50,000 borrowing range
  • APR starting at 9% up to State usury
  • Traditional installment loans & APR
  • Over 200 bad credit lenders in lending pool
  • Under 650 FICO can still be approved
  • No further damage to your score from applying
  • Much lower APR than payday cash advances
  • Approval based on income and not collateral
  • 24 hrs - 5 bus. days for approval and funding
  • 100% Online approval in some cases
  • Your private information is safe and secure
  • No obligation after submitting your pre-app
  • All lenders screened for credentials

Our Loan Approval Process bad credtit loan approval

  1. Submit your pre-app using our unique process
  2. Lenders in your area review your pre-app(s)
  3. Interested lenders in your area email you
  4. You choose the best offer and APR possible
  5. Finalize your agreement with the lender
  6. Lender transfers the money into your account

Approval Requirements

  1. You must be 18 years or older
  2. Have an active checking or savings account
  3. Two pieces of state/federal identification
  4. You must provide your social security number
  5. Must be a United States citizen
  6. Have a monthly net income higher than $850

What To Have Ready For Lenders
(not required for your pre-app)

  1. State and/or federal issued ID
  2. Routing #s / account & financial institution
  3. Documents proving your monthly income
  4. Your social security number

What Happens After Your App Is Submitted

  1. Your pre-app is reviewed (within 30 min)
  2. If approved (95% are) it's posted for all lenders
  3. Interested lenders email you with their offer(s)
  4. Choose the best offer for your situation
  5. Communication with lender for finalization

Past Bad Credit Borrower Testimonials

"I was trying to get approved for a loan so I could get my car fixed. I had really bad credit because of some stupid mistakes I had made in the past. I was getting turned down by everyone I applied with. I got desperate enough to get stuck in the payday loan cycle and that made things even worse. I used one of Lance's earlier websites using this same service and was approved for a debt consolidation loan with a rate of 12%. It was a huge load of my mind. Thanks and highly recommended!" - Dennis Truitt in Lubbock TX

"Just a quick big thank you to everyone at WFL! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I got approved with a credit score below 600 and I had 2 offers emailed to be from lenders within 1 day of applying." - Munroe Thoen in Birmingham Alabama

"We had a really bad year. I totalled off my car in an accident and my husband was badly hurt. We don't have any equity in our house to borrow off so we were desperate to look after our medical bills and just make ends meet. Both my husband and I have had credit due to our small business collapsing as well. Both of our credit scores were below 500 and we thought we may end up on the street. Thanks to the WFL service we got approved in two weeks for a loan for $50,000. We had 4 offers in our email the same week we applied. We can't thank you or recommend you enough for your helpful service". - Angela Bowman in Las Vegas NV.

"I had a horrible credit score and nobody would help me get a second chance with my finances. I just wanted a small loam for $3000 to catch up on some bills I owed. I did not want a payday loan because I wanted to a loan at a much lower rate. All the companies I tried getting approved with turned me down but I had three offers from lenders in the WFL pool. I was funded in three days. I would recommend WFL to anyone who has had trouble getting approved!" - Francis Tourney in Boise Idaho

"Just want to say quickly that I got a loan for $25000 within a week and it paid off the rest of my student loan and another personal loan I had taken out to pay off all my credit card balances. I would use WFL again for sure." - Krista Buckley in Sacramento CA

"A GREAT service! Thank you!." - Gayle Williams in Detroit Michigan

"We were at our wits end with debt troubles and couldn't get help from our credit unions or banks in our area. My husband was sick with stress after he recently laid off from his job. He felt like a failure and we were getting phone calls from collection agencies. We got approved in 8-9 days and the rate was totally reasonable at 14% considering how bad our credit scores were." - Shawna Morelis in Miami FL

"I got a loan for $5000 when I really needed to pay off some payday loans and bills that all ran up when I was unemployed for six months." - Angelo Gomez in Albuquerque New Mexico

"I had bad credit from not being able to pay for medical treatment that wasn't covered by my insurance company and I found a private lender through WFL that approved a $25000 loan based on my long standing employment record." - Bonnie Mickelson in Cleveland Ohio

"I was approved for $1000 to avoid eviction last year. I had a credit score of only 530 at the time. THANK YOU!" - Randal Morris in Billings Montana

"This was my last resort, all utilities were going to be disconnected, barely had food in house. Husband couldn't work anymore due to an unknown disability that all doctors we saw couldn't figure out what was wrong (degeneration of spine and unknown growth in brain). We needed to be able to get $10,000 so we could move into a single story as my husband was bed ridden upstairs (only leaves for doctors appointments). We have 2 children 20 yrs old and 3 yrs old, my 20yr old son takes care of his sister because my husband is incapable due to disability. I had nowhere else to turn. I was turned down by numerous places online, and wouldn't do payday loans. At the time we had no food and I wasn't going to get paid for another week, phone and power were being shut off that week as well, plus rent was due. We had pawned everything we could have and had nothing left. Using the WFL service we manage to get approved for $10,000 with my income and word record as the security. THANK YOU!!! Will recommend you to everyone! - Annabelle Jackson in Las Vegas NV

We have hundreds of testimonials like these. We sincerely hope you will try our free service and get approved for the financing you require. When you do, please send us an email to let us know what your experience was like.

Learn how to submit your pre-app successfully

Bad Credit Loan Application Form

You can apply here using our Standard Loan App method if you don't want to read about the usury laws in your State regarding APR, interest, and fees. However we encourage you to use the Fast Loan App method.

Standard Speed Loan Pre-App Method
Accessing Bad Credit Lender Pool

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Loan Calculator For Estimation

Each lender's fee structure is different but this loan calculator will give you the basic idea of what you will be looking at in regards to how much you pay in interest, your monthly payment, and the total monies paid back to the lender.

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