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Updated Thursday the 20th Jan 2022

Happy New Year!

All of us at WFL wish you all a happy new year.


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The Advantages of Our Service

  1. Use Fast Loan App or Standard Loan App
  2. Apply with 500+ lenders at once securely
  3. Credit isn't further damaged by applying
  4. Monthly payments / no payday loans
  5. Lenders compete for your business
  6. Lower interest rate because of competition

Why Do We Do It This Way?

  1. Saves the applicant a lot of time and $$
  2. Lenders can review more applications faster
  3. Higher approval rates for all applicants
  4. Because it's about time don't you think

How Our Content is Organized and Why

On every State page and/or City page we post information in an effort to help you find a lender in your area that approves loans for people with fair to bad credit ratings (less than perfect).

Furthermore, we want to provide you with information so you can get help with credit counseling in your area. The laws and rules governing lenders in your State will also be included.

We also include information on the number of loan applications originating from specific neighborhoods in each City, credit scores from the applicants by State, interest rates approved for consolidation loans, and more.

This data is from the borrowers who agree to let us publish some of their submissions and user experience forms.

We publish this information so you can see the activity of other borrowers and hopefully learn something from their experiences and get an idea on the loans being applied for, and getting approved by lenders in your area.

This allows our users to compare their financial situation with others from their State and/or City looking for loan approvals just like them.

1.) 5x5 Fair & Bad Credit Loan App Volume

On each city page we list the top 5 neighborhoods with the highest volume of loan applications originating from them in the last 5 months. This is updated monthly.

2.) Last 10 State Credit Scores

On the top of each State page we list the credit scores of the last 10 borrowers who applied for a loan in their State. These individual FICO scores are averaged from each borrower's Experian, Transunion, and Equifax scores and updated daily.

3.) Last 5 Debt Consolidation Loans & Rates

On every State page we list the last 5 debt consolidation loan approvals, including the corresponding interest rate the borrowers agreed to pay. This information is provided by users and updated daily.

List of Content Items Across Our Site

Here is a list of the content we currently provide. We will be adding new information as time goes on.

  • State usury law summary
  • Local APR reporting by zip code
  • State lending law snippets of interest
  • Link to full State law document (if available)
  • Contact information and links for complaints
  • Link to State's legal authority web site
  • List of centers where WFL lenders are based
  • List fair credit lenders in your area, including;
  • Street address, web address, phone numbers
  • Map of lenders (banks, credit unions, etc.)
  • Map showing service areas of WFL lenders
  • Application form for bad credit loans
  • GAP cash money (Gift Angel Program)
  • Borrower experience/example including;
  • Loan calculation and purpose of loan
  • State list of local credit counseling providers
  • City list of local credit counseling companies
  • WFL loan product summaries and links
  • Last 10 credit scores in each State
  • Last 5 debt consolidation loans by State
  • 5x5 neighborhood volume / consolidation
  • 5x5 neighborhood volume / fair to bad credit
  • Money management tips on main menu pages
  • Career/Job & education advancement links
  • All State personal loan application data

This is just a start. We intend to make WFL a unique resource for borrowers and lenders alike. We will provide information that helps protect borrowers from predatory lenders and give legitimate and ethical lenders access to viable customers.

WFL Loan Product Menu

  • Bad credit scores below FICO 650
  • 200+ lenders review your pre-application(s)
  • Applying does not worsen your credit score
  • Interest rates starting as low as 9% (cs)
  • Collateral not always required
  • Funding between 24 hours and 5 days
  • Terms from 6 months to 10 years
  • Borrow between $500 and $50,000
  • Loans for people with 650+ credit scores
  • 500+ lenders can review your application
  • Interest rates starting as low as 7% (cs)
  • Fast approvals and fast funding
  • Line of credit approvals with reasonable APR
  • Borrow between $500 and $150,000
  • Lenders who provide bad credit consolidation
  • Debt settlement or debt relief services
  • 300+ lenders can review your application
  • Interest rates starting as low as 7% (cs)
  • Seamless approval and funding process
  • Debt relief counseling available
  • Borrow form $5000 - $150,000

About Us and Our Service

Background / WeFindLenders.com was founded by Lance Somerset who is Illinois born and bred.

He lost everything when his construction company went bankrupt in the recession of 2008/2009.

He struggled for years financially and was frustrated with his inability to get a loan and start rebuilding his credit.

He thought there should be a website where applicants can apply once and have their application sent to hundreds of legitimate (non-predatory) credit providers at once, and NOT hurt their credit ratings further.

And he wasn't alone. Millions of people in the United States walk through the valley of debt every year. When they try to get approved for a loan they end up dealing with predatory lenders.

Lance dreamt that one day all applicants could get a reasonable rate based on two things only. Their RECENT payment history, and their income.

Why not allow people a way to get a fresh start with reasonable rates and payments sooner? Is it really necessary for consumers to wait half a decade (or more) to recover from a bad credit score?

We think not.

Here's a fun fact: People who go through a bad credit/high debt phase in their lives default on future loans only 8% of the time. That's right. 92% of them are trustworthy Americans who never want to go through debtor's hell again.

And there's a new breed of lender starting to get it. They know they don't have to be greedy. They don't need to charge an APR of 450% like some payday loan cash advance companies. If they charge 10-15% they're beating the credit card companies, helping people who need a loan, charging a rate 4-5 times higher than prime, and turning a strong profit.

It took Lance ten years to build up his lender pool to where it is now. He scoured the Internet and made endless phones calls to regulators, agencies and banks. He traveled to meet with private lenders and hard money lenders. He had to find every last legitimate lender in the United States that catered to all applicants, regardless of their damaged FICO scores.

Since 2011 Lance has been testing his process on a small list of financial services websites, slowly growing his lender pool, and working with developers to create a seamless online process.

In late 2017 Lance, Sandra (wife), Chris (daughter), Andy (Son) and their staff launched the website you are on right now. Nothing fancy, no pretty colors, no flashing images - just a fast loading financial services site that gets results.

What You Can Expect / If you have a less than stellar credit score, and you've been struggling to get financed, we are here to help you. We've done everything we can to help you find a lender to approve your loan request.

About Lenders And Competing Websites / Many loan matching websites claim to have thousands of lenders who may be able to approve your request for funding.

The truth is there just isn't that many. We have 500+ lenders in our system. Roughly 200 of them will consider lending money to poor credit applicants, AND have a good track record.

Keep in mind that we're constantly screening the lenders who take part in our service. We track their rates, policies, and loan agreement documentation. If we hear about a lender using less than ethical business tactics they will be permanently removed from our lender pool.

Bad Credit Loan Application Form

You can apply here using our Standard Loan App method if you don't want to read about the usury laws in your State regarding APR, interest, and fees. However we encourage you to use the Fast Loan App method.

Standard Speed Loan Pre-App Method
Accessing Bad Credit Lender Pool

Learn about GAP (Gift Angel Program)

Quick Tip For Thursday the 20th Jan 2022

"If you have a job that pays tips use the tips as savings only. Try and live off of your base salary (if you have one) only, and then save every last dime in commission or tips." - This money management tip was provided by Lance Somerset

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Lender fee structures vary but this loan calculator will give you a ballpark idea on interest, monthly payments, and the total monies paid back to the lender.

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